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Fast-paced, funny, feel-good urban fantasy with a touch of romance.

Her Date with the Demon, fun feel-good urban fantasy by L. MacNaughton

Her Date with the Demon

He’s a demon on the prowl. She has a heart of gold. They just might be the perfect match…

Workaholic life coach Avery has absolutely zero time for romance. Then she meets Zane. Rockstar good looks, a bad boy attitude, and a dark secret: he’s on a mission to tempt innocent souls to their doom. But when she makes him question everything about his immortal existence, sparks fly. Suddenly the question becomes: Who’s really tempting who?

Her Second Chance Shifter

Her Second Chance Shifter, a Feel-Good Urban Fantasy novel by L. MacNaughton

She’s been framed for a magical crime she didn’t commit…

Viola gave up everything to master the art of enchantment. Now the fae court has sentenced her to death.

Brock is a bear shifter with a bad attitude. When Viola vanished from his life, he swore he’d never love again.

She needs Brock’s feral instincts to track down the truth and prove her innocence. The closer they get, the more she’s tempted by his fierce strength. Will they risk it all on a second chance?

Her Fae Fake Fiance

Her Fae Fake Fiance feel-good urban fantasy book 2

Pretending to be in love with a fae prince is easy. But what if the fairy tale gets too real?

Tessa’s injury ended her mountain biking career and broke her heart. But a magic portal has sent her into the world of a devastatingly handsome fae prince. If she disguises herself as his betrothed, he promises to sneak her home again. But when foul creatures invade the fae realm, Tessa and the prince must fight for their lives. As the danger grows, so do their feelings. Could this fake engagement lead to forever after?

Her Vampire Next Door

Her Vampire Next Door feel-good urban fantasy series

Only he can save her from certain doom. But can she trust a vampire with her heart?

Callie is the target of an ancient evil that will stop at nothing to enslave her—or destroy her.

Her neighbor Armant, cursed with eternal unlife, broods in the shadows. But her bright spirit has ignited a spark within him he thought long extinguished.

Can she trust him to save her life? Or will their forbidden attraction only lead to eternal darkness?

Her Wizard Best Friend

Her Wizard Best Friend, a Feel-Good Urban Fantasy novel by L. MacNaughton

She’s on fire. He’s cold as ice. Together, can they uncover the truth?

Blaise’s fire magic has made her a suspect in a string of killings that leave nothing but ashes.

Her best friend Tristan is the detective on the case, and an ice wizard. She needs his help to prove her innocence. But the torch she’s always carried for him now burns hotter than ever.

Can they team up to track down the infernal fiend stalking the city—without getting burned?

Crystal Sorceress series

“L. MacNaughton’s urban fantasy series features sorcery, magic, nearly indestructible classic cars, and characters who run the gamut from faintly noir to slightly horrific. A fascinating series where anything is possible and everything has a cost.”

Publishers Weekly

“A long way from being yet another gloomy, claustrophobic urban fantasy. This is urban fantasy for readers who want to have a good time—even a few laughs. Well-crafted and thoroughly entertaining.”


Humor, magical exploits, and entertaining characters. More urban fantasy than supernatural romance, this offers fans of both subgenres a fun crossover read.

Library Journal

It Happened One Doomsday

It Happened Cne Doomsday, Crystal Sorceress Book 1, a Feel-Good Urban Fantasy novel by L. MacNaughton

Can her magic save the world—before his curse destroys it?

Shy, awkward Dru has never believed she has what it takes to be a true sorceress.

Greyson doesn’t know his mean muscle car has cursed him to become one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Can she master her crystal magic in time to save him, and save the world from a fiery doomsday?

A Kiss Before Doomsday

Cheating death is the only way she can stop the apocalypse…

An undead motorcycle gang is terrorizing the city. Spellcasters are mysteriously disappearing off the streets. It’s mass chaos.

Dru suspects a necromancer is secretly trying bring about the end of the world.

She’ll need to work fast to stop the prophecy—before legions of undead rise to destroy everyone on earth…

No Sleep Till Doomsday

The crystal sorceress has only 24 hours to save the world. Again.

When a wickedly powerful spellcaster breaks into Dru’s shop, sets the place on fire, and steals a cursed doomsday amulet, it’s hard not to take it personally.

Dru needs to get that amulet back—from a pack of killer shape-shifters in a radioactive ghost town. Hey, nothing’s easy.

Can she outwit her nemesis before the dawn of doomsday?

Forever and a Doomsday

She must protect the scroll or the world will be destroyed. No pressure or anything…

Insidious spirits whose touch can kill are about to get their clutches on the apocalypse scroll.

To stop them, Dru must unearth the secrets of a magical city lost in the netherworld—before the forces of darkness get there first.

Can she safeguard the scroll forever, before the wraiths trigger the final doomsday?

About the author

L. MacNaughton is an award-winning husband-and-wife writing team whose books have been praised by Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, and Kirkus Reviews..

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